We endeavour to
look after one’s planet

Here at Tyrrells we are always looking for new ways to help the environment – take a look below to see all the great things we’ve done so far!

Made with Red Tractor Assured Potatoes


Did you know we’re part of the Terracycle recycling scheme?

You can recycle all of our crisp packets anywhere you see the Terracycle logo – commonly found at your local Supermarket or Garden Centre. To find your nearest Terracycle recycling point or to find out more, visit www.terracycle.com/en-GB

Cutting back
on Packaging

You may have noticed some of our crisp packets have felt a bit smaller recently.

We’ve recently reduced our packaging by 14% on all of our sharing bags, which means you get the same amount of delicious crisps with a bit less packaging!

We’re currently looking into a new project which will see up replicate this project across all of our smaller 40g bags too – keep an eye out for news of how we’re getting on.

Reducing packaging

We’ve recently reduced
our packaging by 14%

Lorries off
the road

With smaller packs comes smaller cases.

Through reducing the case height we can now make even more of the space on our lorries. In-fact we’ve taken 298 Lorries off the road per year by just making this simple change.

298 Lorries off the road each year, meaning 59,673 miles saving over 94 tonnes of C02!

Taste for
good commitment

As part of KP Snacks Tyrrells are part of the Taste for Good Programme – to find out a bit more about all the wonderfully brilliant stuff we’re doing visit www.kpsnacks.com/ourtasteforgood

Jumping a milk churn

We’re taking ginormous
leaps in our battle
for sustainability

Carrying potatoes

By taking 298 lorries off the road each year, it means 59,673 less miles saving over 94 tonnes of C02!

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